Acadia Grove

QScend Technologies, Inc. provides software solutions for municipal governments, including website design and CMS products. When development started on updating the Drupal-based NextGen CMS from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9, I got the chance to design the homepage and some mock municipality branding for a new demo site.

The demo site is used by our sales team when they sell the CMS to prospective municipal clients, so my goal was to create a design that made Acadia Grove feel like a real place. Local government websites have a tendency to be super bloated and over-designed, with confusing menus, quicklinks, and random alerts all competing for the user’s attention. I took a clean, modern approach when laying out the homepage, using clearly defined sections and limited highlights to guide the user to the information they’re actually looking for.

Acadia Grove branding elements

Full homepage layout design