Dough Boy Cafe

Dough Boy Cafe is a new YouTube channel that produces relaxing, ASMR-style baking and cooking videos. Creator Albert Roh brought me in to design a custom mascot and branding system for the channel. We initially drew inspiration from vintage food mascots, but ultimately landed on a main logo that pairs some retro custom lettering with a cute, friendly chef mascot.

The full identity includes a handful of logo variants and a bright, approachable color palette.

Logo Variants

Mascot Variants

Rejected Mascot Concepts

Dough Boy Cafe’s mascot is a result of a few rounds of attempts – see some highlights below. After presenting the first two, Albert let me know about his fear of clowns. We ended up settling on one that is not quite as manic-looking. The cat was a personal favorite, but it’s Dough Boy Cafe, after all.