Inspire Summit 2021

Inspire Summit 2021 was a virtual tech summit / webinar series produced by QScend Technologies in March 2021. Over 150 local government professionals from QScend’s userbase attended the three day event.

Working in-house, I got full control over the branding and promotional design work for the summit. I was tasked with producing a logo, introductory video, web banners, web portal, and webinar console design.

Primary Summit Logo

The main objective of the summit was to train and inspire current customers. The logo was designed with this in mind, pairing the imagery of a sun cresting a mountaintop with the bold “Inspire” type. The whole design is skewed to the right; this choice can be found throughout the whole project to convey a sense of forward movement, momentum, and development.

Promotional Web Banners

These banners were adapted for use on social media, internal product log-in screens, and on various company websites.

Summit Portal and Webinar Console Design