Centralization Playbook

The multifamily real estate is in the midst of a shift to a new, modern business model. Funnel Leasing has championed this shift towards role specialization and, chiefly, centralized operations. Centralization can mean different things to different people in the industry, so an Ebook / print deliverable was needed to explain what the concept means to Funnel and show prospects why Funnel is the only player in the space truly equipped to help operators centralize. The Centralization Playbook is a customized piece of content that not only explains the concept, but provides tailored centralization recommendations and maps for each recipient. I completed the design and layout of the playbook from cover to cover. I also sourced and vectorized hundreds of prospect logos, which were merged into the template alongside maps that showed how each operator's portfolio could be centralized. Ultimately, three different versions of the piece were created with copy tailored for enterprise, mid-market, and third party prospects. A generic (non-customized) version of the playbook was also created. The playbooks were all distributed digitally, with print versions created for scheduled meetings and outreach to top prospects.


Scroll through this embed to view (one version of) the whole playbook!

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