Funnel Fest '22

Since Funnel Leasing is a fully-remote company, they plan annual employee gatherings to bring folks from across the country together. For the 2022 installment of Funnel Fest, I had the opportunity to design the event's branding, swag, signage, and presentation template. Leadership want each year's Funnel Fest to feel unique and memorable, so I had a chance to expand Funnel's branding into styles outside the company's established public presentation. This ultimately led me to style Funnel Fest '22 like a destination camp or music festival, incorporating some retro hand lettering with custom stickers, badges, and emblems. While the style was a switch-up from Funnel's standard branding, the company's iconic black and pink color palette remained strong throughout the project.

I also had a chance to work with some of Funnel's Employee Led Groups, Women of Funnel and Funnel Pride, to design custom swag to be distributed to group members at Funnel Fest.


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