Funnel Leasing Social Media Content

As the sole designer on Funnel Leasing's marketing team, my fingerprints end up on nearly every piece of customer-facing marketing collateral - including our social media pages. Most of the marketing team's social media efforts focus on the platform where Funnel's customers network and interact the most: LinkedIn. The team's 3-4 weekly posts come in various different flavors, from informative, 'thought leadership' posts to employee appreciation and on-brand memes. Throughout, the team strives to keep Funnel's branding and tone intact, positioning the company as an innovator that is simultaneously a trustworthy, approachable partner and an industry disruptor. Out of the 200+ different posts I've designed, illustrated, and animated since joining Funnel in 2021, here are a few of my favorite posts and campaigns.

This illustrated "No one likes" campaign targeted leasing professionals by highlighting some of the worst parts of their day-to-day (that Funnel can make better). 

Funnel is big on engagement within the company and the wider multifamily industry, frequently bringing people together with activities like this March Madness bracket.


Tradeshow recaps like this were a fun way to show off Funnel's elaborate booth designs and sales reps doing what they do best.


Regular #FunnelLove posts showcase the amazing feedback Funnel has gotten from top players in the industry.


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