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Funnel Leasing Website Refresh

Funnel Leasing's old site was created by a third-party developer, so the site's aesthetic wasn't cohesive - things like illustration style, pattern choices, and copy tone fluctuated from page to page. I was extra excited, then, when I had the chance to redesign the site in late 2022. Funnel's messaging, products, and strategy had evolved over time considerably, so this was a huge effort across the marketing team. The site received a complete overhaul to its design, copy, SEO, and navigation structure, with the main goal for the project being to streamline and enhance the self-service buying journey for prospective customers while elevating the branding and aesthetic of the site throughout. My role here was to design the site, implement it in Wordpress, create or source all visual assets, style every internal template, and migrate each page's new content. 


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