MyQueue Launch Video

Funnel Leasing's multifamily property management CRM got a big update in March of 2023. MyQueue is a massive upgrade to the platform that gives management company leadership the ability to sort and prioritize their staff's tasks. These leadership customizations are then used to automatically deliver each employee a task queue that is personally tailored to their role and their upcoming due dates, which enables them to crush their to-do list as efficiently as possible. Since this feature is a change for existing customers and something unique among CRMs in the space, the launch video needed to make a splash while clearly communicating what makes MyQueue special. As with a lot of Funnel's marketing efforts, there is an emphasis on taking playful shots at competitors in the space before showing how the Funnel approach can help. I was charged with designing, animating, and editing the full piece.


To effectively show of the new benefits of MyQueue, I needed to strip back a complex CRM dashboard.

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