NAA Apartmentalize 2022: The Apartment of Terror and the Funnel of Love

As a relatively young player in the multifamily leasing tech space, Funnel Leasing has put in a lot of effort to make a splash at the biggest industry tradeshows. For NAA Apartmentalize 2022, the marketing team dreamed up an experiential booth that led visitors through the Apartment of Terror, an overwhelming, funhouse-style maze that showed the horrors of renting today, and then into the Funnel of Love, an open, inviting, and, of course, bright pink space that showed them how much better things could be for renters and leasing teams with Funnel. My role in the project was to design the graphics which would adorn the insides and outsides of the booth, including a number of static graphics, a series of illustrated and animated "renter horrors" that played on repeat within the Apt. of Terror, and a longer animated explainer video to showcase the improved renter journey within the Funnel of Love. 


Apt. of Terrors 1 + 2: Renter's shouldn't need to dig up last year's W2 or deal with a rogue, antiquated chatbot. 

Apt. of Terrors 3 + 4: Today's leasing teams feel like they're drowning in data. Plus, what it feels like to manage a full to-do list with the wrong CRM.

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