NAA Apartmentalize 2023: Funnel4 vs The Multifoes

For Funnel Leasings presence at NAA Apartmentalize 2023, the marketing team decided that they wanted the booth to have a superhero theme. To achieve this, we brainstormed a team of superheroes, the Funnel4, that helps renters and leasing agents alike thanks to the powers they get using Funnel CRM. Every hero needs a villain, so the Multifoes were playfully modelled after the biggest gripes attributed to some of Funnel's main competitors. All of these characters were printed life-size, face-in-the-hole style, allowing our visitors to take share-able photos and become leasing heroes at the booth. I handled all of the visual aspects of the booth, including artwork for all of the heroes and villains.

Since I am by no means a professional comic book artist, this project presented my first opportunity to work some buzzy AI tools into my workflow. After testing several different text-to-image tools, I ultimately used Midjourney to generate base drafts for each character. I then made edited those drafts to fix wonky limbs and hands, add color to match our branding (and the branding of our competitors), and include details to match the unique backstory of each character. In addition to using those assets in promotional materials, I used Midjourney + InsightFace to turn all of Funnel's NAA 2023 attendees into superheroes in the same style as the Funnel4.

Meet the Funnel4 below and use the before+after sliders to check out the transformation from Midjourney output to final character design.

The LinkedIn posts above introduced the Funnel4 to Funnel's followers and drummed up attention for the tradeshow booth.

Introducing the Funnel4: Centricity + Multitask

Introducing the Funnel4: Veleasity + Fraud Fighter

Introducing the MultiFoes: Relic + Graveyard

Introducing the MultiFoes: The Bug + Duplicity

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